Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Sound Questions

Why can't I hear the sound on my computer? uses new technology and your browser may be old. You may need to update your browser to Chrome or Firefox. Also, check the volume control on your computer.
How can I make language slower?
Click the snail icon to hear language more slowly.
How can I hear language again?
Click the raised finger icon or the speech bubble icon to hear language again.
Can I mute the icons under each picture?
Yes. Once you enter the course there is a "Mute Icon" button on the left side of your screen above "Your progress" area. Click the button and the icons will be mute for this study session.

Login Questions

I recently joined and cannot login.
You may need to activate your account. You will receive an e-mail to activate your account after signing up. The e-mail may be delayed a few hours depending on your e-mail provider. If you do not receive your activation e-mail, check your spam and junk mail folders. Sulantra's e-mail may have been filtered into the wrong place. Also, make sure there are no typos in your e-mail address. If the link in your e-mail does not work, try copying and pasting the entire URL into the address bar of your browser.
I forget my password.
If you forget your password or if your password is not working, reset it here. A "password reset" e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Simply follow the one-time link in the e-mail to log in and reset your password. If you don't see it in your inbox within an hour, check your spam and junk mail folders in case the e-mail was filtered incorrectly. Make sure you don't have any e-mail settings, firewall or anti-spam software that might prevent you from receiving the e-mail. If necessary, resend the "password reset" e-mail again.

Şifreyi sıfırla
I cannot login even though my password and e-mail are correct.
If you see a "Your username or password is incorrect." error message, there may be a problem with your user name or password. Try resetting your password.

Kursla İlgili Sorular

How can I get the meaning for each item?
Click the dictionary icon to see the meaning in your language.
Okumayı nasıl öğreneceğim?
Çocuklar anadillerini öğrenirken sırasıyla dinler, konuşur, okur, ve son olarak yazarlar. Sulantra dinleme ve konuşma becerilerine odaklanır; fakat isterseniz, öğrendiğiniz dildeki kelime veya cümlenin yazılışını kalem simgesini kullanarak görebilirsiniz. Veya Kurs İlerleme sayfasıdan Dil Rehberine bakabilirsiniz.
Yazmayı nasıl öğreneceğim?
Çocuklar anadillerini öğrenirken sırasıyla dinler, konuşur, okur, ve son olarak yazarlar. Sulantra bunlardan ilk iki basamağa odaklanır. Malesef yazmayı öğretmiyoruz.
Yazı dilini nerede görebilirim?
Çocuklar anadillerini öğrenirken sırasıyla dinler, konuşur, okur, ve son olarak yazarlar. Sulantra dinleme ve konuşma becerilerine odaklanırç Yazı dilini görmek isterseniz Kurs İlerleme sayfasıdan Dil Rehberine bakabilirsiniz.
Do you have a dictionary?
We have a dictionary-like "Language Directory", which you can access via the "Course Progress Page".
Neden her resmin altına hedef dilde kelimeleri yazmıyorsunuz?
Sulantra dinleme ve konuşma becerilerine odaklanır. Resimlerin altına yazılan kelimeler bu süreci yavaşlatır. Eğer öğrendiğiniz dildeki kelimelerin yazılışını görmek isterseniz, kalem simgesine tıklayın. Veya Kurs İlerleme sayfasıdan Dil Rehberine bakabilirsiniz.
Hedef dildeki kelimeleri neden benim anadilime uygun şekilde fonetik olarak yazmıyorsunuz?
Anadiliniz ve öğrendiğiniz dildeki seslerin birbiriyle yüzde yüz eşleşme imkanı yoktur. Eğer fonetik yazım hazırlarsak bu telaffuzunuzu olumsuz etkileyebilir. Telaffuzu kulak yoluyla öğrenmek daha iyi bir yoldur.
Kelime veya cümle yazılışlarını nerede bulabilirim?
Öğrendiğiniz dildeki kelime veya cümleyi görmek için kalem simgesine tıklayın.
How can I learn more complex or difficult language? is designed for people who have no knowledge of the target language. The beginning of each course may seem very easy, but it becomes more challenging as you progress through the levels.
I want to learn a language that is not in your system?
At, we are always preparing new language courses to study online. Join our online communities to stay updated about the latest developments. The language you want may be online soon.
How can I skip a study module?
Sorry, you have to finish a module before you can move on.
How can I skip a topic or function?
Sorry, you have to finish all the modules for one function before you can move on.
How can I add new topics or functions to my course?
Sorry, once you start a course, you cannot add or delete functions. You must go back to the "Course Progress Page", click the "Redesign Course" button, select the functions you want, and start the course over again.
Can I get a certificate or diploma after I finish a Sulantra course?
After you complete a course, you will be able to access a printable version of an online certificate.
What is the difference between the Starter, Basic and Expanded courses?
All courses are connected. The practical focus is the same but the functions and amount of language you learn differ. The language you study in the Starter Course will be recycled in the Basic Course; the language you study in the Basic Course will be recycled in the Expanded Course. For the details of each course, click the link below.

How can I read the Cultural Notes again?
To read the Cultural Notes again, return to your "Learning Progress" page then click the round button next to the function title.

Payment Questions

Is Sulantra free?
Sulantra membership is completely free. If you want to take a language course, we offer both free and paid options.
How can I pay for a Basic or Expanded course?
Proceed to the payment page, login to PayPal, and make your payment via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card via PayPal without setting up a PayPal account.
Will I lose my purchased course if I redesign my course?
With Sulantra you never lose courses that you have already paid for; however, if you redesign your course, you will start again from the beginning and lose your learning progress.
How long is my course valid for?
With Sulantra there is no time limit on access to your course.
Why is a Sulantra course so expensive? gives you complete courses, not just words or phrases. In fact, our prices are very cheap for what you get, including native speaker and gender-appropriate input.
Why is a Sulantra course so cheap?
We keep our course fees low so that more people have a chance to study a language online.
If I stop using a course, can I get my money back?
You can get your money back if you complete the course and contact us within 30 days of signing up.

Other Questions

Which browser do you recommend?
Sulantra recommends Chrome or Firefox because they are fast and can handle the data load. Also, Chrome includes Flash so you do not have to make an extra download.
Why are your "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" written only in English?
Our working language is English. We hope to prepare these documents in other languages as the number of users increases.
Why is your site so slow? uses new technology and your browser may be old. You may need to update your browser to Chrome or Firefox.
How do I edit my profile?
You can edit your profile by clicking the "Account" tab in the top bar after login.
I want to delete my user account.
You can delete your user account at the "Edit Your Account" page after login.
How do I report a bug?
If you find a bug, we want to hear from you! Please contact us through our feedback page, and we'll look into the problem as quickly as possible!
How do I make a suggestion or give feedback?
We love hearing from you! To make a suggestion, please contact us through our feedback page.
Can two or more people use one account to study?
In order to ensure effective study scheduling, please do not share an account with others.
Can I change my user name?
No. Once you create a user name, it cannot be changed.
Can I register multiple accounts using the same e-mail address?
No, you can not. You need an e-mail address not yet registered on to create an account. Only one e-mail address can be used to create one account.
How can I get my language added to Sulantra's system?
Please contact us at . Tell us which language(s) you speak, as well as your contact information. Sorry, but we are only able to reply in English, Chinese or Japanese.
Is it possible to work with Sulantra as a translator?
At times, part-time positions do come up; however, translators must have a good command of English. Contact us at and we will keep you posted.